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Ashtar International Youth Theatre Festival

We are delighted to be supporting ‘ARTIVISM’, the 5th edition of Ashtar International Youth Theatre Festival, which also marks the 30th anniversary of Ashtar for Theatre Productions and Training عشتار لإنتاج وتدريب المسرحand will run until 7th July. We attended the launch at the Ramallah Municipality for the opening play …

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Tell me a story / Raconte-moi une histoire

French below « Tell me a story » is a mini-series for the young Palestinian audience, interpreted by local professional actors and broadcast free on our Facebook pages. Mohammad Haj Ahmad Mohammad Haj Ahmad is a theater actor and storyteller. He has been working in theater since 2005 and as a storyteller …

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Appel à participation • Le métro de Gaza

Dans les Déserts de l’Ouest, subsistent des Ruines très abîmées de la Carte. Des Animaux et des Mendiants les habitent. Dans tout le Pays, il n’y a plus d’autre trace des Disciplines Géographiques. J.L. Borges Suarez Miranda, Viajes de Varones Prudentes Mohamed Abusal est Gazaoui et aurait, à ce titre, bien des …

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