Extended call for application until May 4 – Tell me a story

Extended call for application until May 4


« Children, in bed … Tell me a story … Once upon a time … » In this period of confinement, despite an abundance of resources made available free of charge, content adapted to the local context and of quality are paradoxically rare. It is in this line that the project « Tell me a story » fits. It will be a mini-series designed for young Palestinian audiences, interpreted by local professional actors and broadcast free of charge on social media.

During 8 weeks, 3 episodes of 5 to 10 minutes each will be broadcast online weekly. 6 actors will be selected for the grant. Each one will perform 4 stories, 2 existing ones, chosen from French or Palestinian culture, and 2 original ones, created by oneself or by authors selected by Tamer Institute.

Creativity in interpreting the stories will be the key to make the listening experience as captivating as possible!

In this period of epidemic, the work should not require the use of an external partner or a trip away from home : home office will be encouraged.

Criteria of selection

In order to be eligible, your application must contain :

  • A set of 2 stories that could be reinterpretations of existing stories, French translated in Arabic or Palestinian, or original creations of your own
  • A description of the choice of the stories, their themes and what they convey in the local context
  • A description of the original stories if you choose to propose some
  • An extract of a story performed by the artist (3 minutes maximum, in mp4 video format)
  • A description of the process of creating the video (format, material used for recording, sound design)

The applicant will be selected based on :

  • The originality of the stories chosen and their interpretation
  • The quality of the recording process
  • The quality of the performance
How to apply

Download the application form. Once filled, send it to the following email addresses : tellmeastory@consulfrance-jerusalem.org.

  • The subject of the e-mail should contain : Application call « Tell me a story » + your name
  • The video shouldn’t be attached in the email, the application should however contain a WeTransfer link
  • The application can be of one or a collective of artists
  • Open call : 21/04/2020
  • Deadline : 27/04/2020
  • Announcement : 30/04/2020
  • The jury will be composed of members of the institutions involved.

Each actor will receive a grant of 1 000 euros.

Legal notice

The works will stay the property of the artist but will be used by the French Institute and the partners during the project and may be re-used for non-commercial purposes with the prior information of the artists.

Tell me a story is a project proposed and funded by the French institute in Jerusalem, in partnership with Tamer Institute and the support of El Hakawati (Jerusalem) and Al Kasaba (Ramallah).