As the 4th country in the world to welcome international students, and the first non-English spoken one, France is an attractive destination, especially for the lovers of the French language. French is not only the language of dream and romance, it is also an international language, spoken by more than 300 millions of people, representing the 5th language spoken in the world. For the start of this new academic year, Campus France Jerusalem is happy to invite you to discover the mysteries of French language and its colorful expressions, by taking part of the “Sayings in Art” contest !


The contest is open to groups of students (5 students maximum) studying in Palestinian universities.


This contest challenges you to turn into arts sayings and expressions. Each group has to pick-up 3 expressions or sayings, and their equivalence in French or Arabic in the list below, or find other ideas, and turn them into picture. At the end, each participant will handle a series of 6 works of art (3 pairs).

The artistic media is free of choice (photographs, drawings, paintings, collages…)

Telle mère telle fille / إقلب الطنجرة على تمها تطلع البنت لأمها
Faire d’une pierre deux coups / أضرب عصفورين بحجر
Cracher dans la soupe / اللي بيشرب من البير ما بيرمي فيه حجر
Quand les poules auront des dents / بكرة بالمشمش / لماينّورالملح
L’habit ne fait pas le moine / تنغ ّرش المظاهر / ليس كل ما يلمع ذهبا ولا كل ما يبرق فضة


The participants need to send their application by WeTransfer, before the 23rd November with the attachments below:

  • A PDF document with the pictures of the 6 works of art
  • A one-page presentation of the artistic project
  • A supporting letter from the home university of the participants
  • A document attesting their inscription in the program
  • A copy of their ID or Passport

The application is to be sent at the following address: institut-francais@consulfrance-jerusalem.org


The jury will select 3 projects. The three of them will be exhibited in our cultural network. The students who participated in these 3 projects will have the chance to receive flight return tickets to travel to France, in order to spend a week-end there.*

* The travel to France is conditional upon the issuing of the required visa