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CALL FOR PROJECTS Meditalents’ 9th promotion

For more details, visit www.meditalents.net

LabMed MEDITALENTS 9 is open to filmmakers-screenwriters:
  • Residents and nationals of countries of the Mediterranean region,
  • Holders of a FIRST OR SECOND FEATURE FILM PROJECT in fiction,
  • With a very good knowledge of French and/or English.

LabMed MEDITALENTS 9 accompany, from January 2020, 8 projects -Selected by a professional jury- for one year with:


Each session in residence with advisors will last 6 full days. Between each session, the screenwriters will move on writing their script before the next session.

During sessions through Skype, participants will benefit of 1 interview.

At the end of each session, an assessment will be made, if it appears that participant will not be at level at writing a feature screenplay, it could be decided by Meditalents’ team after discussion, he / she should leave the current promotion to represent a next call for applications when he / she has acquired the required level. Similarly, a non-participation in the first session will be an imperative reason for exclusion. An unjustified absence from one of the other sessions may be a reason for exclusion. The fourth session will be accessible only to authors whose writings will be nearing completion. The last session will be primarily accessible only to authors whose writing will be in prospect of completion and who will have actually and completely attended the previous sessions.

Submission of applications

The applications should be sent to the email address: meditalents@meditalents.net And include, in French, or possibly in English, if possible in PDF format:

  • A mini treatment or summary of the feature’s project of a dozen pages, a synopsis about a page and a short summary of a few lines (mini- treatment or summary of the film should give a clear idea of the organization of the drama, and how the scenario will develop. It should already give an accurate idea of the psychology of the characters, which are already “installed” at this stage. We should already feel them, see them… ),
  • A statement of intent stating why the candidate wishes to participate in Meditalents in which she/he must provide the information needed to understand his motivations for making the film over another; she/he gives the “color” of his film which assesses in what movie registry it will work ; he/she will also precise writing problems encountered/identified,
  • All documents necessary to the knowledge of the Selection Committee in support of their application: short films or documentaries or other audiovisual creations (A YouTube or Dailymotion or Vimeo link will be given for future viewing), letters of recommendation, etc.
  • A CV with contact details of the candidate and birth date.
The applications should be sent no later than October 15th, 2019 at the email address : meditalents@meditalents.net (thank you to let us know in advance your intention to be a candidate, so that we can possibly help you in your application)


  • The accommodation for the participants during the sessions will be supported by MEDITALENTS or one of it’s partners.
  • The food will be provided with full board or half board as concluded partnerships.
  • Train & flight tickets will be taken in charge from & to residential adress -best price, cabin luggage-, when tickets will not have been offered by a cultural Institute, a national institution or a mobility funds the participant must have sought first. Trips less than 200 kms will not be supported.
  • The selected participants will have to be covered by medical insurance and personal liability.

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