Ashtar International Youth Theatre Festival

We are delighted to be supporting ‘ARTIVISM’, the 5th edition of Ashtar International Youth Theatre Festival, which also marks the 30th anniversary of Ashtar for Theatre Productions and Training عشتار لإنتاج وتدريب المسرحand will run until 7th July.

We attended the launch at the Ramallah Municipality for the opening play The Brainwashers Conference; by Bertholt Brecht, adapted by Iman Aoun and Khalil Batran and directed by Khalil Batran. You will find here the #festival programme and the festival’s trailer.

The festival will run until 7 July with live performances in Ramallah and Oxford, in partnership with the Mandala Theatre Company through the Digital Collaboration Fund, as well as online performances subtitled in English from Palestine, UK, France, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Lebanon, Spain, Ireland, USA that will be available for a week from the date of their launch. The festival programme also includes a series of webinars and are open for everyone to join!

The themes: Artivism & Politics, Artivism &Capitalism, Artivism & society, Artivism & Racism.

All info on the Facebook event

// Monday 5th of July, 8p.m. (Palestine time) \\Video performance of the play « F(l)ammes » by French artists from the Madani Compagnie – video in French with Arabic subtitlesVideo trailer of F(l)ammes
// Tuesday 6th of July 12 a.m. (Palestine time) \\
Master class with the F(l)ammes’ Director Ahmed Madani

Visuals by Palestinian artist Emile Saba